Another one from December ’12


You think you’re safe, safe from the pain and the heartbreak. Until that one moment when a memory flies out of that room in the back of your mind that had long since been locked away. In that memory it all came crashing back like waves to the shore. The memory so vivid the only thing you could do was ride it out. Let everything hit you and move on. No relishing was permitted, it only made life harder. Knowing that room in the back of your mind was locked away tight and that one small memory slipped out of its grasp. The memories would never be ones you regret, but to know they could slip out and become a cobra, waiting to strike at moments notice made the room feel less guarded and secure. You have no other choice but to ride them out and know that soon those waves will come to an end and you will come to shore as the surfers do.Eventually those little fly aways will be nothing but what they are; distant memories, so distant all you can think about is the new ones in their place. The distant memories will no longer be painful and sad but moments you enjoyed and have since made new ones. Thus is the circle of life, because after all they are just that; only memories


Author: Kat

I am a newly single, 24 year old, trying to survive the dating world. Follow me in my adventures

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